Monday , October 3 2022
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Israel Medical Marijuana Creates Buzz and No High

Israel Marijuana

Israel is a world leader in science for the medical uses of marijuana. And they now have a marijuana strain that does not cause a “high,” or psychoactive effect, for use with epileptic children.

“Israel is truly at the forefront of medical marijuana,” said Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance in Washington.

U.S. laws make clinical research on marijuana nearly impossible. Israel, on the other hand, began marijuana research nearly 50 years ago and studies its potential medical uses in its developing public health program. Israel offers citizens marijuana for medical uses but has not legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Israel’s cultivators may become major exporters of medical marijuana in the future because of their unique marijuana strains. But so far, the Israeli government has allowed them to only export their knowledge and not any marijuana.

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